Mass Plots after voltage change

The following figure shows mass plots from Runs 17133066 and 17133067.  These are the two runs after Chris changed voltage.
The calibration is currently nominal ("all ones" for gain corrections).  The plots are cut  with
1) Two Photons (in the highest energy .060 radian  cone)
2) Z<.7
3)  for left figure  (3.3<pseudo-rapitity<3.9)              and for          right figure (2.6<pseudo-rapidity<3.2)
4)  two photon energy        left: (32 GeV<E12<48 GeV)                  right: (20<E12<38)

The above peaks are selected below and sorted by each FMS trigger

The pion pT dependence for each of these triggers is shown below for regions of Eta (pseudo-rapidity)

This plot is also attached below with better resolution.