Plate 1 Layout

On Monday July 18, 2016.

Today the PSU shop ran the computer controlled tool with a file for hole positions that we provided.
They  driledl and tapped 112 holes
(for 2-56  x 3/16 screws)  in  40 minutes. 

This particular cold plate will hold 56 led's .
The folowing picture shown the cold plate with 51 led's currently mounted and 5 pairs of holes still exposed highlighted in red.

This cold plate will have a power load of 560 W.

About the cold plate

So at 1 gal/min of flow,
-the heat load will be 560 W
-the temperature difference from front of the plate to water will be about 2 degrees C.
-the water temperature will be raised by 2 degrees C.
July 7 2016

One Hundred LED's have arrived.

6 4x4 trays (+4)  of 375 nm LED are at Penn State (10% of what we ultimately require).

Ready to send first plate to Machine Shop today for drilling and tapping 114 holes for 57 LED's 2 screws per LED.

On Tuesday (July 12) the PSU shop will set up computer controlled job to drill and tap 114 holes according to the following pattern