Run 12 Pi0 yield

Here is a figure showing errors projected for a 50 pb^(-1) measurement of double spin asymmetry.  The measurement is based on loose pi0 cuts (necessary for large pt) and on error=1/Sqrt[N]/Pol/Pol with N the number of events in a bin.  This result uses a 35 mR cone for two photon selection, with a minimal suppression of signal from the exclusive cut. 

The trigger from run 12 was FMS Jet Patch 2. It is this that defines the lower pT response and can be set to anything we choose. In Run 12 we used a Jet Patch 1 with prescaling to sample the distribution to lower pt (~ 1 GeV lower).  The pseudo-rapidy range is the full range of the FMS 2.7<Y<4.  

The data used was Day 60 from Run 12 with integrated luminosity of about 0.31 pb^(-1) and these result are scaled up from that to 50 pb^(-1). 

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 I am showing numbers of pions from Runs 
13060005 13060007 13060008 13060009 13060010 13060011 13060012
See attached file for scalars associated with this run set.

Analysis with 35 mR cone 

This analysis involved two highest energy photons && Z<.5 (more symmetric decays)

Large curve is 2 Photon
Second curve is 3 Phonon
Third curve is 4 Photon

Looking at two photon signal vs energy (Z<.5&&  M12<0.2 GeV)  (second curve for 3 photon events)

  Save as last plot but  Energy vs Pt.

A higher resolutio version of the 2D plot is attached as is the scalar information for these 7 runs.

To calculate rate, numbers should be increased by a factor of two because of the Z<.5 cut. Background under the N12=2 data is on the order of the contribution from N12>2.

PS: For completeness, I have posted the 2d Plot of E vs Pt for 1 photon events (still in 35mR cone).  It is EvsPt1.pdf