Trigger Analysis Day 129

 Some conclusions based on the attached PDF file.

·         From page 1 and 2 we see that the mass plots from Day129 (high small BS3) don’t look bad except for the masses at pseudo-rapidity near 3.3 (small cell corners). The distribution has a high mass tail.  This differs from masses on Day 128 (page 3), where the pseudo-rapidity 3.1 bin masses look much better. 

·          On pages 4 and 5 we see the distribution of pT for Day 128 and Day129 data for events that pass pi0 cuts and pseudo-rapidity ~3.4 and where separate colored curves are shown for each L2 trigger.   The dark green is Small BS3. Which indeed dominates in this pseudo-rapidity region.

·         Pages 7-10 show mass plots that compare low energy E12<50 GeV with higher energy photon pairs E12>50 both for corner regions of azimuth  and non –corner regions of azimuth.   At rapidity near 3.3, shown  in figures and highlighted on mass plots with red box, the low energy mass peak is degraded but not nominally shifted. At higher rapidity the degradation is greated.

It seem like the gains for nominal pi0 signals at pseudo-rapidity 3.3 are not changed under the hot running condition of day 129 but the pi0 signal appears to be degraded with background.