Run 12 production time estimates



Run 12 estimates

I attach a picture of the estimates. This was based on the initial assessments from Lidia (available here).

Some numbers were refined with FastOffline data estimates. Note that the estimates are consistently done with an assumption of 3,200 slots at 90% efficiency. The total number of slots the production cannot may claim is 2888 slots (CRS) and 4504/2 CAS) slots hence 5140. However, this production will span a long time and we will overlap with a constant 15% impact for calibration and slots taken for miscellaneous jobs (simulation, embedding) at another 15% impact. The ending slots is 3598 - 3200 allows for more flex and represents a reasonable goal (we should also plan/account for jobs related to Stv review and the fact that during Run 13, we may be taking a bit more slots for preview data and extraneous work related to new detectors).

Lines with numbers in italic are pure estimates (no statistical data).


Production priorities

The list of production priorities was sorted out upon request by the PAC and PWGC. The list is available at this link. The cut-and-paste below is for convenience.

Color coding:

  • none     - pending
  • blue       - done and no more info
  • green    - done and QA-ed - vetted to be OK
  • oragne  - done and issues found (see issues column)
Datasets Status Library Date finished issues
1 2 U+U 193 GeV re-production of 'preview data' done P12id 2012/10/01  
2 1 pp 510 GeV st_W stream preview data with initial calibration done   2012/09?  
3   U+U 193 GeV st_upc stream data ongoing P12id    
4   U+U 193 GeV rest data ongoing P12id    
5   pp 200 GeV, st_mtd stream data (60M)        
6   pp 200 GeV, st_physics and rest        
7   pp 510 GeV, st_W re-production with final calibration        
8   pp 510 GeV, st_physics and rest        
9   Cu+Au 200 GeV, st_hlt, st_mtd stream data        
10   Cu+Au 200 GeV, st_physics and rest