Phishing exercise, 2012/10


On 2012/10/17, a phishing test was made and a post-moterm "reminder" was sent here.
However, while the trend indicates a decrease of positive phishing, the statistics are a bit worrisome. Will pass on the finding that 10 people in the directorate office gave their credentials and 15 in ITD ...

But 60+ in CAD and 40 did in Physics making NPP exceed the 100ds? Really?

Other statistics
  • 265 of the 500+ people who fell for it passed GE-CYBERSEC in the last 60 days
  • The graphs below may include ~ 10/500 (2% average) of users who entered fake credentials (such as username=ihateyousomuchyoumakemesad) - ITD got the message ... but it doe snot help the statistics.

By browser statistics

By directorate