Data set projections for Run14

Final plot for Run 14

5977 TB ~ 5.84 PBytes - we exceed the projected (adjusted) raw by near a factor of x2.

Initial plan

The STAR computing resource plan, based on the BUR and event estimates for the projected species, predicted we would gather and save roughly 2.8 PBytes of storage. The plan accounted for a fudge factor, taking into account a historical divergence to our plans and ended with a total estimate of 3.00 PBytes of storage. The derived MuDST size was projected to reach an unprecedented 1.92 PBytes.

Number of events
Estimates size
Adjusted size estimates
Au+Au 200 GeV 2 B (minbias, central) + ~ 0.78 B misc 2,800 TB 3,080 TB
Au+Au 15 GeV 10 M events


April snapshot

The current STAR data taking is showed (graphically) below (as up to April 1st 2014).

The next graph represents a projection of the data for up to an additional - in summary, we seem to be on a path to use 2.1 PBytes of storage / month and with at least a good 2 months left, this would indicate a projection to 4.0-4.5 PBytes (a minimum of a 50% excess from the initial plan).

Snapshot on 2014/07/02