Moving away from Hypernews

We currently have two mail based tools that could server as replacement for Hypernews.
  • mailman - plain vanilla mailing list
  • discourse - a forum based tool that can act as a forum or mailing list (the closest to Hypernews)
Instructions on how to set it up below

Mailman [will use the MTD as example]

  • Check the existing lists at and make sure the list will will ask for is new
  • Send an Email to and request the creation of a new mailman list.
    Give the list a name (Ex: star-mudet-l seems to follow other lists but mudet-l works as well as the previous list was mudet-hn and people may remember better - you chose)
    Send along your mailing list creation a short description so the list is created with a clear purpose (see that page and you will see). You can re-use the text in Hypernews.
  • After that, the mailman admin will send you an admin account password. Log to the interface (link will be provided) and set the mailing list accordingly. A few recommendations:
    • Privacy option -> Advertise this list when people ask what lists are on this machine? set to YES
    • Archiving Options -> make sure it is set to YES
      ... BUT make the archive private if this list is not opened to non-susbcriber's reading (most analysis related list are not opened to the public, beware)
    • General Options ->
      Reply-to header strip, set to YES this will not only solve the "reply" not going back to  the list but also solve a DMARC issue.
      There is another option where should set "Munge From"
      Where are replies to list messages directed -> also set to "This list "
  • When done, you could need to ask people to subscribe to it (and start clean) ... or start a default subscription list.
    For a default list, click on "Show subscribers" - it is displayed just before the forum name.
    Then there, locate the "Click here to get a listing of email addresses only for the list below" and click the word "here".
    This will provide a list of Emails which can be copied and used to do a mass subscription for the new mailman.
  • Once you do havea list of Emails, you can subscribe all by using
    "Membership Management" -> "Mass Subscriptions" and enter a list of addresses afterward in the first box.
  • When the list is set, send me an Email with the list name if you want a FWD to be set (i.e. all mail sent to by mistake could be forwarded to )

  • Login to using your RACF username and Kerberos password
  • Go to Category -> STAR
  • Post an entry and request a forum to created, also add a short description
  • Should be created shortly and all is set (ask users to log and subscribe to whatever they like as Hypernews)
  • An Email is automatically created as well. If you create a Forum named "Muon Detector" in STAR, the list would be
  • In discourse, users may subscribe to whatever they want (Hyernews style) without approval required, single login for all forums, they can set diverse level of verbosicity (i.e. forum acting as a mailing list where all messages are sent via Email or only new topics sent, or only answers to your posts received).