Online account cleanup procedure

User come and go in STAR. We need to define a keep a clean-up procedure for eliminating stale accounts.
The proecdure below generally describes the steps to be taken for online accounts.
  1. Identify obsolete accounts and disable them in the SKM as soon as their RCF account and appointment expires (remove all associations, disable  user in SKM)
  2. Based on the log of the skm, and a later time, locate the expired accounts and ...
  3. Announce on rts-hn what would be removed
  4. Then
    1. If a directory is flagged as important by any users, evaluate and make sure we have a path forward toward cleanup and a new responsibility for the code (i.e. if it is an issue of code from user A being used and included from user B's account, we need to be sure user B take the lead on taking it all for themselves)
    2. we should then, after a week's time (ro whatever is deemed appropriate), rename the directory for user xx -> xxx.backup - this would break code inclusion but allow quick  restore recovery. We would leave this for months and amke sure this is known internally to the support team. Again, if any problems, recovery is then possible.
  5. Before next run starts, we delete could backup the directories (same scheme as offline i.e. backup into HPSS)
    Offline, we have a general prescription and convention for backing up usrs into HPSS (a combo of name comvention and the use of split-tar)
    Trees that would be obviously of not special interest (no code there, only daq files and related) would be deleted. In fact, any daq files should be deleted before nay backups.