OSG Council chair notes


Role and responsibilities

From the bylaws

Bylaws can be found here.

  • The Council Chair is self-selected by the Council to lead the council. The term for the Chair is two years. A Council Chair can serve no more than two, full, consecutive-terms.
  • The proposal for participation [to the oSG] is submitted to the Council Chair.

OSG Management Plan

Management plan is available here.

  • Council – governs the Consortium ensuring effective benefit to the scientific mission of the stakeholders.
  • The OSG Council is the governing body of the Consortium responsible for the program of work and ensuring effective benefit to the scientific mission of the stakeholders.
  • The OSG council appoints a Chair following the procedure outlined in the OSG bylaws.
  • The Council Chair is an ex-officio member of Executive Board.
  • The Council Chairperson may form a team to assist in the preparation of Council business. The composition of such an advisory group is at the discretion of the Council Chairperson.

Characteristics / what we are looking for

  • Aware of the OSG Bylaws, Management Plan and charter ... and have had some experience with the council business
  • (may) have demonstrated abilities to write bylaws and/or rules and/or charter - knowledgeable of management protocols and regulations
  • Ensures the OSG mission and requirements from the Stakeholders and projects are satisfied
  • Have sufficient time to participate to both OSG Council matters and EB business - represents the council well on the EB in a balanced manner.
  • Has a programmatic interest in the success of the OSG mission
  • Engage other communities and promote the OSG value
  • Is focused and on top of the OSG's PoW and ensures a focused yet  dynamic and live discussion at the OSG council meetings.
  • Encourage cohesiveness /  collaboration and common work amongst all stake-holders and between the council and the EB.
  • Ready to engage the council members and leverage their unique skills