Request of milestones from Software coordinators from 2015-07

On 2015/06/17, the Software sub-system coordinators were asked for possible major milestone they may have within the next quarter (3 months minimum, 4-6 months timelines for major incoming development and activities preferred) so the core team may integrate those within a consistent plan rather than being reactive to last minute declared "urgent items".

Only a few coordinators answered (and not all the ones we would have expected for sure, the HFT especially was MIA in this feedback gathering while we would have expected issues related to embedding to be brought forward).
Addendum: Feedback sent from the HFT on 2015/07/04.

The table below lists the feedback provided:

Sub-system Activity or milestone description Date
TOF/VPD (Daniel Brandenburg) No major milestones modulo the usual calibration work for Run 15.
Needs a heads up of 2 weeks before it happens.
EMC2 (both Kevin Adkins and Mike Skoby provided feeedback) For the EEMC, all the reosurces needed to perform the standard tasks are available. BEMC wise, only the status/pedestal tables that are needed for production would need to be taken care off.
Run13 calibration is in the works, though the imporved calibrations can easily be applied offline after production (so, not a milestone / show-stopper)
Trigger + FMS/FPS (Akio Ogawa and Oleg Eysser) NB: Trigger is Akio who also coverred for part of the FMS before so, both bundled here.

Trigger - no special request or milestones, all ready to go. There are no time line nor constraints, nor milestone and no gap in workforce.

FMS/FPS: FMS calibration has been largely done online using trigger  data file. We'll still need to refine it and upload to STAR  offline DB. We'll work with Penn State/Steve Heppelmann during summer. No ETA provided at this stage.

FMS reconstruction code (reviewed and aproved) is needed. FPS raw data reader was reviewed and tested during the run. Calibrated hit data is in StEvent as well as Mudst. Calibrations and geometries and mapping had been in offline DB already. Ready to go.

The team is developing FMS+FPS correlation analysis and adding PID tag to StFmsPoints. This will be a work-in-progress for the next 6 months or so. As projected, it will NOT be ready for Run 15 production (likely, an after-burner will be provided).

Dependency in the C++11 standards for the FMS reco code integration. ETA: end of July. Addiitonal code planned to be added in August.

Calibration for the FMS stream would beb ready by the end of August. Also need pp2pp software and claibrartion to be ready (dependency).

pp2pp (Kin Yip) The pp2pp folks will finish calibration and determine efficiencies of the roman-pots by September 2015. On the wish list, ~20% of the 2015 data, we look forward to having them later this year ( if possible / case will be made at PWG level).

In principle, first cut of calibration constants ready and being checked. They need to be accessible from the St_pp2pp_Maker and this will require code modifications and changes to the database (database/table).

HFT (Spyridon Margetis)


  • Further development of Noise algorithms in the DAQMaker. ~3months
  • Debug/fix the new SST (<-SSD) chain. ~month
  • Establish/test SSD alignment methods/codes ~month
  • Debug/fix/ the simulation chain. ~month
  • Streamlining structures for uniform embedding chain. 1-2 months
  • (Calib) masking, gain, alignment. Needs pre-production dataset


  • (Calib) masking, gains. Needs pre-production dataset


  • (Calib) masking - probably fairly quick, but may require some retuning of parameters. Needs pre-production dataset

HFT [as a whole]:

  • (Calib) Alignment  (requires TPC calibration, and masking done for cosmic runs)
  • Keep optimizing tracking in collaboration with experts.
  • Develop embedding chain for near/intermediate term.
From the provided list, we infer a readiness of the SST code (including alignement) by mid-August 2015 as immediate tasks.

Embedding for the SST by September (this implies we will not be ready for QM 2015) TBC.

Calibration tasks listed and assumed to proceed in //.

We alos infer help is needed on tuning the tracking and the SST integration, both of which are being addressed by the S&C core team + Jonathan in weekly meteings.