2012 500GeV Longitudinal Spin QA Results

Attached are the overall results from the spin QA of the 2012 500 GeV Longitudinal data. As this was my first time going through the process of running the scripts and understanding the output, I wanted to create a comprehensive guide to doing the analysis from start to end, including finding the bXing offset. This is attached as SpinQA_HowTo.pdf. I will outline the procedure below, but I would recommend checking out the how-to for in depth coverage.

First we run loopMainAll.tcl to find fills within a certain range of runs. For this data I started with run 13077058 and ended with run 13109054. This returns the testSummary.csv document (attached below as a txt) which outlines the runs in each fill, whether or not they were successful, the trigger setup, etc. 

We then use spbitSeeker.tcl to use the beginning and ending run in each fill and query the cdev database. From this data it assigns a spin pattern to the fill from the eight different known patterns (P1 -P8). If the pattern is not known, it's not assigned a name. Start and stop times, first and last run, number of runs, number of filled bunches, and the spin pattern are written to spinTime.txt (also attached). Several .v124 files are produced, one for the beginning and ending run in the fill which outline the cogging, polarization, and whether or not bunches were intended to be filled or not.

We then use begEndComp.tcl to compare the beginning and ending runs in each fill. If they agree, then the fill is written to goodList.txt, and if there is an issue, the fill is written to badList.txt (both are attached). 

Once these results were obtained I produced the bx7 spectrum choosing a fill with a characteristic missing bunch from the cdev website. Using this spectrum it was determined that the beams cross at IP 2 and 8 o'clock (0 240). A full overview of the methods is outlined in the how-to and in a separate blog post here: drupal.star.bnl.gov/STAR/blog/jkadkins/2012/may/03/2012-500gev-spin-qa-beam-crossing-analysis

For this run there is only one bad fill, F16646. It's marked bad because the information from cdev doesn't match with the fill number. This fill has one run that consists of 6 filled bunches, so no attempt was made to fix it, it's thrown out. Otherwise all of the fills are good fills and the v124s have now been uploaded to the spin database. This QA went well, with only one fill that was bad and nothing to do to fix it. Thus you will find that the "Fixing Bad Fills" section of the How To to be empty. Once this is completed (with the 200 GeV spin QA), I will upload the full document. I have also attached the scripts used to produce these documents.