BEMC Status 2013

 I have attached the file "longTimeIntervals.txt". This file has three columns of data. The first column represents the first fill in an interval, and the second column represents the ending fill in the interval (with run numbers for both in parentheses). These two fills have no emc-check runs in between them. In the third column is the time between these fills which I refer to in the text as dT (in hours). I broke the QA up into 3 intervals:

- 12 < dT < 24 hours
- 24 < dT < 36 hours
- dT > 36 hours.

For these time gaps I used the cdev output ("cdevFillResults.txt") to look at what lie between the fills. If there was nothing of interest between the fills (or just really long fills) I relied soley on this document to exclude the time gap as significant. If the fills had some good runs between them I used the shift log to see if there were any kind of problems (aborted beams mostly) to make the determination of which tables to use in these gaps. You can read all about it in the attached files, but it turns out there weren't a lot of significant gaps and all of them are easily fixed using existing tables.

The other file I have included (TowerIntegral.pdf) is all of the histograms of the "Tower Integrals". I showed one fill in my presentation at the EMC meeting, but promised I would include it for all fills. When looking, keep in mind that no fills before F17240 are significant physics fills with commissioned triggers.

Only fills which need to use a table from a later fill needs any work, otherwise we use the previous table. Since using the previous table is automatic for the database we only "create" tables for the ones which use a later fill. For completeness, I list below the 7 time gaps which needed to use a later fill. To create the new table I simply copied the later table and updated the time stamp for just before the first run in the "created" table (I rounded the new time stamps down to the nearest minute in GMT (!!), in case there are new tables necessary in the future).

F17250 (3/20/2013 03:52:24) --> F17237 (3/16/2013 18:27:00)
F17268 (3/24/2013 07:27:54) --> F17263 (3/23/2013 07:30:00)
F17312 (4/01/2013 11:49:24) --> F17311 (4/01/2013 04:13:00)
F17329 (4/05/2013 09:44:35) --> F17328 (4/05/2013 04:08:00)
F17335 (4/07/2013 06:32:10) --> F17331 (4/06/2013 05:33:00)
F17402 (4/19/2013 09:40:47) --> F17399 (4/18/2013 18:29:00)
F17427 (4/26/2013 09:05:02) --> F17426 (4/25/2013 20:07:00)