BEMC Ped-4 Database Table Proposal

This drupal page is for request of bemcTriggerPed4 table to be added to STAR offline database. Using as a template:

1.) This new table will hold ped4 values that will be calculated during the run, and then used offline. So the bemcTriggerPed4 table will hold values of ped4. 
1a.) These variables will be used offline with the trigger simulator and tell us how to shift the ADC values after two bits are dropped.
1b.) Pedestal values will be taken once a day, and stored one entry per day offline.

2.) IDL file can be found on the rcas nodes at: /star/u/jkadkins/bemcDbTable/bemcTriggerPed4.idl

/* bemcTriggerPed4.idl
 * Table: bemcTriggerPed4
 * description: // BEMC ped-4 values
struct bemcTriggerPed4 {
  short Ped4[30][160]; /* [crate][channel] ped4 value */

3.) This will be a non-indexed table.

4.) Assuming one entry per day * 100 days, we have ~100 entries. The size of each entry is 9600. So for 100 days, we get 960,000 or 9.6 Mb of space.

5.) The BEMC software coordinator will be the one who puts these entries in the database. Currently thats Kevin Adkins (jkadkins)