BEMC Trigger Database Monitoring

This task has been done by the BEMC Software Coordinator for run14 and run15. The task is relatively simple, if all of the code works together appropriately. The steps are relatively simple. I will write them down and make some notes where I think there's room for improvement in this algorithm. As of now, this code is rapidly evolving. This documentation will hopefully be up to date!

Steps for starting up the BEMC online trigger monitor:
1.) Log into one of these online machines: onl11, onl12, onl13 as "onlmon". These are the only computers that currently (Feb. 2015) allow for the use of crontabs to be installed.
2.) Check out a copy of the code suite from CVS: "cvs co StRoot/StEmcPool/StOnlineTriggerMonitoring"
3.) Read the StRoot/StEmcPool/StOnlineTriggerMonitoring/macros/README.emconline_trg file, this explains in detail how to run the scripts that set up the code and start it running

Upon reading the README.emconline_trg file, and following the steps you should have it up and running. A few notes from 2015:

 - The onlXX nodes are having some communication issues with the startrg computer. This makes it impossible for the code to successfully run as a cronjob. A fix is underway, but not implemented as of 2/15/2015. This means the code must be run "by hand", to do this, run the "job.emconline_trg" executable file.
 - For some reason there is no "starpro" library setup for run15. Therefore, it's imperative that everything be done in stardev, otherwise the code will not run.
 - S&C are not particularly happy with the fact that this suite of scripts uses passwords to access other computers (via the .scprc source file). This should be fixed at some point. One should work closely with S&C to get the directories on sc5, startrg, and evp appropriately exported so they're visible from the onlXX nodes.

NOTE: This task is rather important. The file it produces, bemcStatus.txt, is used by the pPlots when running online to actively keep up with trigger and tower masks. Also, the database ROOT files are used offline by the trigger simulator. Please monitor this code daily by looking at the log files to ensure that it's appropriately running and not breaking at some point.