Draft Talk Slides for SPIN 2014

Attached below are my draft slides for spin 2014. A few local updates have applied, so the draft submitted to the spin PWG is v3, and we'll move forward from there.

A list of the versions:

v3: The first copy uploaded to Drupal
v4: Addressed comments from Anselm about the "x" plot, and some offline/local comments
v5: Addressed comments from Jim
v6: Addressed comments from Carl
v7: An update to the "x_quark" plot - now the "average x" plot is plotted for quarks only, and the x-range is slightly higher (updated on transversity plot also)
v8: Updates for Anselm's comments. Made several changes to the "x" slide, and to the introduction.
v9: Further updates for Anselm. Added one additional bullet point on the "Summary" slide.  Approved by PWG.
v10: Offline comments, updated NNPDF plot to higher resolution, and interchanged the ordering of the bullet points on NNPDF/transversity slide.

"v10" is the set of slides approved through startalks, and will be the final draft presented at SPIN 2014.