2013 W AL publication

 A few points for W meeting discussion on July 12, 2018
  • Analysis note:
ver5 completed; ver6 3 chapter completed; ver7, ver6 + ver5 + second eemc update.
To-do: pin down all the numbers: event sizes, luminosity, beta, AL, ALL, uncertainties; and non-tech figures.
  • Paper draft:
New version for everyone to read
  • Code finalization:
Devika has collected most of the key parts.
To-do: 2nd endcap update, clean up historical comments, testing lines, combine Barrel and Endcap for the shared parts, update library related lines, money plots macros, etc.
  • Collaboration Meeting update next week: (propose to keep short)
Second EEMC correction: present our correction, results comparison, and figures.
Charge separation: propose to step back: only use 4-gaussian version. No update!
  • Aim to:
Send paper draft and note to PWG after Collaboration meeting (Monday, July 23, 2018);
Release to arXiv before SPIN2018 (September 10, 2018). 

Theoretical predictions (CHE) for Z AL as function of lepton eta.  
- NNPDFpol1.1 (NNPDF2.3) 
- DSSV14 ( MSTW2008)