Beam Crossing QA period 2 of run13

The bunch crossing QA have been done for run13 period 2 data.  The procedure are same with that used for period one

1.  Expect for some very low luminosity runs, all the bxing spectrum look good.  For bX7, all the offset values equal to zero as expected. For bX48, the offset values randomly distributed in range 0-119. 

2. From the chi squared minimum distribution, we can see several peaks, which indicate there may be some unexpected empty bunches.  After checking the bX7 spectrum run by run, expecially, the runs under the peaks, 7 fills contain bad bunches which should be masked out.


bad bunch list
fill # run range bunch ID
17491 14132006-14132026 105
17519 14138018-14138034 40  94  108
17529 14140043-14140062 97
17553 14145068-14145090 73
17554 14146006-14146028 7  14
17555 14146050-14146074 61

14152047-14152068 94

This is the plot of the chi squared Minimum distribution.  

The following 7 plots show the bX7 spectrums for 7 example runs from 7 fill which have bad bunches.