Notes from spin pwg meeting 7/13/06

Notes from collaboration meeting

The following are notes I took during the STAR collaboration meeting at MIT, specifically the spin pwg session on 7/13/06. It's not an exhaustive summary,
since I'm just "kicking the tires" on drupal.

  1. BEmc pi0 analysis
    • Comments that Frank needs to improve background estimates, understand the mass spectrum better (decompose into pi0 + combinatoric + eta + beam background??), do the rel. luminosities better.
  2. EEmc pi0 analysis
    • Best strategy for spin 2006 is to focus on the lower 1/2 of the endcap.
    • Postshower response and smd / tower response for beam background events suggest hadronic showers as the primary component of the beam background. Whether this conclusion holds after pi0's are identified is another question.
    • Need to establish how well the spectra are understood, ie, what are the contributions from pi0, eta, combinatoric backgrounds, etc...
  3. pi0/gammma working group is going to get started in ~1-2 weeks, e.g. around start of August.
  4. Spin analysis workshop scheduled for 8/28-9/3 at BNL.