Geometry Differential Framework [third test, material balance for TPCe04]

Abstract: To further test the prototype geometry differential framework, it is useful to examine the latest version of the TPC geometry using Yuri's ROOT/TGeo/VMC implementation.  This is useful as it is completely independent of starsim/AgSTAR detector description.  (No more-fortran).


Figure 1 -- Left: Yuri's TPC model (aka the 'new' model).  Not all daughter volumes have been plotted.  Right: Material balance plot from my code.  Most daughter volumes have been plotted.  


Bottom line: three peaks show up in the material balance plot w/ approximately the right magnitude, dip near eta=1 reproduced, plateau from 1.5 to 2.0 reproduced with right locations of little peaks, etc...

Conclusion: My code is accurately determining the material balance.