Y2009a geometry status

Status of Y2009a geometry:
  1. TPC Material Issue
    1. More evidence on the TPCe04 missing material
    2. Solution pending
    3. Plan "b" -- I advocate using the old model of the TPC (as Geometry Differential: y2006g vs y2006h).
  2. Calorimeter EM cuts
    1. ecalgeo6 and calbgeo2 modified
    2. default behavior of geometry files is identical to previous version for backward compatibility
    3. plan is for 10 keV cuts to become the default standard, so...
    4. y2009a tag will be defined with default of 10 keV cuts
    5. future tags will need to have the 10 keV cuts defined explicitly
  3. Interface with slow simulators
    1. I have lost track of the discussion here... are the slow simulators going to use the geometry tag to set sampling fraction, or...?