Simulation Requests and Y2011 Geometry Readiness

Simulation Requests
  • Requests in motion

    • Bulkcorr 7.7 GeV Hijing Request
      • This request is in progress, but it is large (~3M events), and will take ~50 days to complete.  The request asks for more statistics in the 7.7 GeV data sample, in order to study the systematic uncertainties in the higher moments of the p-pbar distributions.  These events are being reconstructed with the vertex track cuts used in the data reconstruction, unlike the original BES request.  Once completed, these events will replace the existing BES 7.7 GeV sample which were reconstructed with cuts inconsistent from the data.
    • Jetcorr 200 GeV pythia 2008 FMS filtered

      • Filter requires a pi0 above a pT threshold w/in the acceptance of the FMS, mainly to study the efficiency of pi0 reconstruction in the central calorimeters.  A preliminary QA sample has been produced and feedback is that the data look good in the central calorimeters.  The FMS group has agreed to provided g2t tables for the FMS before the simulation proceeds further.  Pibero and Akio are working on this.
      • There is a related hijing request which I am aware of, which I expect to be submitted ~soon.


  • QM 2011

The holidays are upon us, and while QM is still in May, we need to be planning for simulations for it now.  The simulation request process takes time for PWGs to review and approve requests, and it takes some time for the simulation group to setup the request and provide QA samples.  Then it takes time for the PWGs to get back to us and confirm that the data look reasonable before we launch the full simulation. This could take up to a month before the full simulation begins.

Given that the farms are already utilized for data production and the two requests above, and we are in competition for resources with embedding, analyses which need simulation requests are in danger of bumping up against approval deadlines for QM, if they are not requested soon.

Will send out a request for PWG convenors to summarize anticipated simu requests.

Y2011 Geometry Readiness

  •  y2011 geometry tag exists in CVS
    • Based on the Y2010a tag

      • The TPC envelope maximum radius has been reduced to fix an overlap w/ TOF
      • Fixes to TOF geometry (thanks Frank) -- TOF hit distributions look reasonable
      • Changes are expected today or tomorrow to the muon detector, to reflect changes made in the WAH (thanks Bill)
      • n.b. none of these changes should affect TPC tracking
    • Have not heard from any other subsystems about validation of the geometry

    • Once muon changes are checked in, I will run differentials against y2010a and post