AgML Release Milestone 1

Abstract:  We are preparing to integrate AgML into the STAR software stack.  AgML is the new geometry description language.  Our first milestone has been reached:  we are able to validate the translation of the STAR geometry to AgML for the production geometries from y2009 to present.


Attached are PDF files showing the material difference between AgSTAR and AgML.  For each detector, the plots at the right show the difference (AgSTAR-AgML)/(SUM) in percentage of a radiation length.  At the right of each plot is text indicating (1) whether the histogram shows the material inside the volume or in front of the volume, (2) the maxium differential found over 1 and 5 bins, and (3) whether the histogram "passed" a threshold set at a maximal 1% difference.

At present, all detectors in the y2009 and y2010 production geometries show << 1% difference in material.  Sensitive volumes for the TPC, FTPC, EEMC and BEMC also show agreement to << 1%.  The y2011 first cut geometry is also validated to a similar level.