Stv BASE QA Code Archeology

Page is a work in progress... trying to pull together some documentation on the BASE QA run on Sti, Stv, Sti + CA afterburner, and StvCA.

Various web pages and talks detailing the QA which was run for the tracking review
Yuri's QA code
  • Original code is in CVS under offline/users/fisyak/macros/
    • lMuDst.C -- loads dependencies for MuDst analysis
    • MuMc.C -- compilable code to perform analysis, generate histograms and produce png files
    • Names.h -- header file mapping geant IDs to particle names and providing some naming conventions for histograms
    • To run:
      • Code expects MuDst, minimc, etc... to be in a subdirectory named MuDst/
      • Copy above codes to local directory
      • Run in .DEV2 -- more recent version of root is required:
        • starver .DEV2
        • setup gcc 4.5.1
      • root4star lMuDst.C MuMc.C+
      • Code crashes writing graphics file.  Replace line 502 (TVirtualX::Instance() ...) with c->Print(pngName);
      • Code crashes around histogram #95.  Use root4star, not root.exe.
  • I setup a new archive of this code which I propose we work with
    • offline/users/jwebb/TrackerQA

Instructions for running the QA code
 $ cvs co offline/users/jwebb/TrackerQA/     
$ ln -s offline/users/jwebb/TrackerQA/*.{h,C} .
$ ln -s /path/to/output/files MuDst/
$ root4star lMuDst.C MuMc.C+

The output will be 193 graphics files (png) which can now be organized into a web page.
I recommend using one of Yuri's web pages as a template to organize the plots.  For example: