Y2013 Geometry Tag

Y2013 Geometry Readiness and Updates

  • MUTD -- Muon telescope detector is present and ready in the geometry.
  • BTOF -- Waiting for GMT to be incorporated into geometry.  g2t_volume_id support to be reviewed / added today.
  • FGTM -- No changes made to FGT geometry, but using the full FGT configuration for 2013.
  • PIXL -- HFT pixel detector geometry (presentation at last HFT meeting)

    • Additional dead material being added
    • Refining the model
    • Future geometry release, expect revisions to the support cylinder
    • Estimate is ~2 weeks

TPC Group has several requests

  • Addition of walls to the CAVE for y2010, y2011, y2012 production geometries (assume 2013 too)
  • Change in TOFMAX cutoff...  from 1E-4 to 1E+4 seconds
  • MAGP -- add water to the coils (I consider this important for the MTD simulation)
  • TPCE -- Changes to TPC geometry and response
    • Increased dead zone before gating grid from 12 to 14 cm
    • HIT TOF limit increased from 1E-6 to 32E-6 seconds
  • Support for inner TPC upgrade geometries
    • New geometry module
    • g2t_volume_id updates