HFT Hits Simulation

Quick test of HFT hits in simulation.  Produce 1 MuDst, 16 events, AuAu 200 GeV, y2014a geometry.

Figure 1 -- Plot 1st hit on global tracks.  HFT layers are clearly visible.

Figure 2 -- Plot number of possible hits vs radius of fist point on global tracks.  The line is at 45 hit points (i.e. the number of pad rows in the TPC).  There is some inefficiency in picking up HFT hits exhibited.  Further study will be required.

Figure 3 -- Plots number of fit points in the TPC vs number of fit points for global tracks whose 1st hit point is in the HFT.  Points to the right of the line indicate that HFT hits are being found and included in the fit.  However, it's somewhat uniform, so we may not be picking up HFT hits with proper efficiency.