Notes on BaseQA with HFT hits

Goal:  compare TPC only tracks which would have been reconstructed with HFT hits to corresponding HFT tracks.

Method: Reconstruct events with HFT in tracking.   Create a TTree associating ID truth with number of reco hits in each layer.  Process TPC only tracking sample and apply cuts based on ID truth / TTree lookup.

Figure 1 -- Shows corrspondence between the number of hits in the TPC (0-49), SST( 50-54), IST (55-59) and PXL (60-65).
z-axis is cut... < 100 entries are eliminated.  Note that the z-axis is scaled by 1000.  Looks like a good (enough) correlation to proceed.

NOTE -- in debugging these plots, I found that the base QA code has an issue with respect to clone tracks.  TPC only tracks are not considered when counting clones -- i.e. a track may be split into two.  One is HFT, one is TPC only, and the base QA doesn't register this as a clone.  The reason for this is that TPC only tracks are eliminated from study before the clone classification is made.  Will need to revisit this.