rcf15005 simulation production locations

Hi All,

In a separate thread I promised to send out locations of files from the recent pileup simulation.

Sample 1: used as background events

y2014a geometry
40k events 
200 GeV AuAu hijing events
minbias 0 < b < Rmax 
sigma_z = 30 cm

fzd files only --

Sample 2: used as physics "trigger" sample

y2014a geometry
20k events
200 GeV AuAu hijing events
minbias 0 < b < Rmax
sigma_z = 30 cm
VERTEX CUT |z| < 6 cm

fzd files only (hit and possibly full reconstruction pending)--

Sample 3: pileup files

y2014a geometry
Sample 1 merged with sample 2
0.5% probability of interaction in each bxing (corresponds to ~50 kHz mb)
TPC samples 376 bxings before, 1 during, and 376 after the trigger
PXL samples 875 bxings before, 1 during, and 875 after the trigger

fzd files are available here--

event.root files, containing only TPC hits, are available here--

MuDst files, containing tracks reconstructed with HFT weights of px1=9, px2=3, ist=9, sst=9
(i.e. configured to accept any 3-layer combination of HFT hits) located here--

NOTE: there are only about 1300 MuDst files produced, a little over half the sample, because
      of reasons(*).  Full sample being reproduced.

NOTE: MuDst and event.root files differ slightly from code in DEV.  You will likely need to
process these files in library eval.  FZD files can be processed by any library.

This is long enough that I should make it a blog post...


(*) I got impatient and wanted to make plots before the jobs digitizing the TPC finished.