StiCA Diffs

Category II Differences

  • StiStarDetectorBuilder
  • Sti/StiKalmanTrackFitter.cxx
    • In debug() mode, appends different message to targetNode if the target is the vertex instead of a detector
    • Accept change: Should not affect results as it is just a text string.  Appends useful debugging information.
  • Sti/StiTrackNodeHelper.cxx
    • Positivity constraint added
    • What is the purpose in StiCA?  Why is it not needed in Sti?  (If it is needed in Sti, why isn't it already in?  Should have been a bug report here.)
  • Sti/StTrackNodeHelper.cxx -- Matrix operations
    • This is not *just* changing how the matrix operations are carried out.  There are two branchings which return early
    • Positivity checked on line 506.  Returns early if failed.
    • Check for existence of an array on line 510.
    • These two checks return early, which means the block around line 507 -- if (PJ) { ... } -- cannot be reached.
    • Only thing which I see which could be acceptable is the positivity check.  But... If it is needed, why is this code review the first time we are learning about it?
  • Sti/StiTrackNodeHelper.cxx -- trsinv replacement
    • Repeats the pattern of the above two differences --
      1. Replaces calls to cernlib matrix operations with STAR / ROOT wrapper
      2. Checks positivity of matrix
      3. Returns early (probably with a yuge chi^2 to make the node go away)
  • Sti/StiTrackNodeHelper.cxx -- Sign change

    • Ok,  Victor should comment on correctness, but same question applies.  If this fixes a bug in Sti, why is this the first time we hear about it? 

Category III Diffs

  • assert removed to allow for multiple use of hit -- no problems, just need a switch to enable / disable assert  
  • assert replaced withn return -- again, no problems if we add a switch