Drupal Wishlist

Ok, after working on porting the BEMC webpages to Drupal over the past couple of days I have a list of features that I hope we can implement in our Drupal installation:

  • Performance Optimizations:  I don't know if it's Drupal settings, PHP settings, or what, but this CMS is awfully slow at times.  I've set up a couple of Joomla installations at MIT that are much snappier.  This is the number one complaint I hear from other people.  It's going to be a running joke at EMC phone meetings before too long.
  • Trash Bin:  What do I do with pages that I decide I don't want?  I don't see any way to trash them, so for the moment the BEMC subsystem page has a "Trash Bin" of it's own.  It sure would be nice if I could hide it, though.
  • Authorship changes:  Sometimes I create pages as kocolosk that would probably be better off as staruser pages, but I don't see any way to change the authorship myself, so I've resorted on at least occasion to "trashing" the old page as best I could and then recreating a new page with a different author.  Very convoluted.
  • Restricted viewership:  I would like to post analysis results in Drupal, but I can't figure out how to restrict my pages to logged in users.  At the moment I have a folder called drupal_pics in protected/spin that I put plots in.  Users are then required to type a password to see them, but again, this is something Drupal must be able to handle by itself.