Eta AN and X-section Analysis Master Page

 Eta AN and X-section Analysis Master Page


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Link to the Analsyis note

Link to Len K Eun's thesis that contains the details of the analysis


In this page, there are links to selected drupal pages that I prepared for the FMS Monday meetings over the last year and a half regarding the Eta anlaysis. As they were intended to be very informal communications to the FMS group members, they may not be very accessible to those that have not been following this analysis closely. Nevertheless, I have listed them here for the sake of full documentation.

There are also links to anlaysis talks at STAR meetings, which should provide much better summaries of the analysis than the webpages.


1. Pi0-Gamma Separation Using Log-weighted Cluster Sigma (with E-loss shower simulation)

    a. Motivation

    b. Old scheme vs. new scheme data-MC comparisons 

    TALK: Summary of log-weighted cluster sigma, and shower shape problem - January 2010 analysis meeting, UT Austin   


2. TALK: Status of Anlaysis, Based on Energy-loss Shower Simulation - June 2010 analysis meeting, UCLA


3. Cerenkov Photon Based Shower Simulation 

    a. Initial motivation, description of how GSTAR was run  (Details of how a user routine was inserted to GSTAR)

    b. Energy dependent gain shift, and longitudinal shower profile

    c. Tuning the aborption in Pb-glass, an issue with glass-mylar interface

    d. Are there effects due to radiation hardened glasses? (Probably not)

    TALK: Summary of Cerenkov based shower simulationNovember 2010 collaboration meeting, BNL


4. Full Simulation Summary

    a. Data-MC energy dependence and mass spectrum comparisons

    b. More on the above subjects, and mass vs. angle


5. Bin Migration due to Finite Energy Resolution (part 1 and part 2)


6. TALK: Final Analysis Update to the Spin PWG - 04/28/11 Spin PWG meeting


7. Update to the Spin PWG regarding the changes made while in GPC - 03/01/12 Spin PWG Meeting