HF-PWG minutes 2016/03/24

 1) Takahito presented the plan towards sQM for talk on the MTD related analysis using full Run14 statistics. The major request is to produce embedding sample for J/psi across the full data set. In order to increase the efficiency of usable data in embedding, the VpdVz needs to be used. He will discuss with Xianglei about how to implememt this. Mustafa suggested another method to overcome the problem, namely modify by hand the vertex information in the tags.root used by the embedding. Once this issue is sovled, Takahito will send a formal request to PWG.

2) Spin group proposed to stop the current Run15 production, switch from PPV_std to PPV_w, and restart the production. This should increase the vertex finding efficiency by 20-30% at high luminosity, which is very beneficial for heavy-flvaor related analysis, especially Upsilon. All the paricipants agree that the HF PWG should support this request, and Zhenyu will send out a summay to HF PWG, and then to PAC.

3) With the Run14 MTD production and HFT firmware check production done, the next production priorities for HF PWG are:
Run14 HT trigger in production_high/st_physics (~150M)
Reproduction of 150M Run14 st_physics events for HFT to check the effects of decoding bug