HF-PWG minutes 2016/06/02

 1) Jpsi cross section and event acitivey in Run12 pp 200
- Will change the systematic uncertainty from the quadratic sum of all the components to the maximum deviation on cross section
- Need to check the systematic uncertainty for total cross section
- May get the results using MB data
- Extrapolate below 0.2 GeV/c for dN/deta measurement
- Fix uncertainty on event activity

2) Jpsi-h correlation in Run12 pp 200: after the bug is fixed for B to Jpsi template, the sensitivity to extract the B->J/psi ratio is greatly reduced, which leads to large error on the result. Need to discuss with interested parties about how to deal with the publication that uses wrong template. The bottom line is that this should be done through publication, not preliminary results. 

3) Jpsi cross section in Run13 pp 500
- Need to fix the efficiency for the 8-10 GeV/c bin
- The signal extraction is problematic for the 0-1 and 1-2 GeV/c bins since the widths of the Jpsi peaks are odd.
- Suggect to explore the possiblity of polarization measurement