HF-PWG minutes 2016/09/01

 1) QA for Run15 st_physics pp/pA - Zachariah Miller
a. For runs with large error bars, even though the mean value deviates from the run-averged value, it does not necessarily mean that this run is a bad run. It could just be a statistical fluctuation. Need to take into account the statistical error when identifying the bad runs.
b. Need exclude the bad runs from calculating RMS since they may artificially increase the RMS.
c. Need to check the broad invariant mass distributions of the photonic electron pairs, which were not seen in PicoDst.

2) Non-prompt Jpsi using Run14 AuAu - Bingchu Huang
a. Need to check the normalization of like-sign background to make sure they really represent the background level of unlike-sign distribution.
b. It could be nice to check the number of J/psi from B decays in each pT bins to cross-check the error bar of the B->J/psi ratio
c. Will formulate a strategy for HLT data production suitable for both Upsilon and B->J/psi analyses.

3) Quarkonium in Run15 pAu (BHT) - Zaochen Ye
a. Check the templates for Run11 analyses: i) the Crystal-ball function does not fit well; ii) the template for Upsilon(2S) is not smooth given the statistics.
b. For Upsilon in Run15 pAu data, the like-sign distribution is not smooth, as seen in Run14 AuAu data. Need to investigate why this is the case.