HF-PWG minutes 2017/01/26

6) Ds in Run14 AuAu - Long Zhou
a. Agreed to show also 0-10% result even though the statistical errors are large. But the signal extract and efficiency correction are robust. Also need to estimate the uncertainties for 0-10% centrality.
b. Agreed to show only data points above 2.5 GeV/c since there is no new D0 spectrum avaiable below 2 GeV/c.
c. Make the uncertainty symmetric.
d. Release new Ds v2 plot.

7) NPE in Run14 AuAu - Shenghui Zhang
a. Updated calculation of gamma spectrum from pi and eta decays by extending the rapidity range of pi and eta from [-1,1] to the full range.
b. Updated systematic uncertainty estimation
c. Decided not to show 40-60% which is systematically lower than the preliminary Run10 results.

8) B/D->e in Run14 AuAu - Xiaozhi Bai
a. Need to decide whether to show points below 2 GeV/c since the fration of B->e in inclusive electron sample is <~ 10%. The uncertainty could be large.
b. Need to add more uncertainties: i) discrepancy of purity from fitting to DCA distribution and fitting to NsigmaE distribution; ii) assume a different trend of the correction factor to NPE templates from HIJING at high pT.
c. Smooth the uncertainty
d. Apply HT trigger efficiency to template if time allows
e. Compare Raa of B->e, B->Jpsi, B->D

9) B/D->e in Run14 AuAu - Kunsu Oh
a. Fix the issue/confusion in the fitting
b. Cross check to see if can reproduce Xiaozhi's results in terms of both central values and statistical errors
c. Prepare slides