HF-PWG minutes 2017/03/23

 1) Request for storing Run16 KPiX tree on RCF - Shusu Shi
a. The most effective cut to reduce the tree size is the minimum pT cuts on single tracks. 
b. The new tighter cuts are based Run14 analysis and performance. Run16 could be different.
c. Will discuss with PAC to see if this request can be accommodated. 

2) Jpsi RpA using Run15 MTD data - Takahito Todoroki
a. Request to release Jpsi RpA for interaged pT ranges, i.e. pT > 1 and pT > 5 GeV/c. It is basically a different way to present the results already presented at QM 2017. No new results.

3) Upsilon di-electron analysis in Run14 AuAu - Oliver Matonoha
a. About 17M less events were seen for prod_high compared to Zaochen's analysis. Need to see if this is due to failed jobs when producing private picoDst files.
b. Check the vertex cut
c. The extracted Upsilon yeild is consistent with Zaochen's result. Suggest to run over a fixed set of files to see if the two analyzers can get exactly the same results when using the same analysis cuts.
d. About 20% less Upsilon is seen in Run14 AuAu analysis compared to the expectation based on Run10 results. It could be the effect of including HFT in the tracking. However, need to check if the expectation is estimated taking into account the 30cm vertex cut. On the other hand, ~15% more Upsilon is seen for Run14 AuAu data after the HFT bug is fixed even though the analyzer does not explicitly use HFT in the analysis.
e. Contact the embedding team to request restoring the embedding files on PDSF in order to estimate the efficiency independently.