HF-PWG minutes 2017/04/27

 1) Upsilon event activity study - Leszek Kosarzewski
a. When using the same input spectrum and response matrix, can get the same results as Qian. However, the results seem to be different from Qian's latest results. The suspicion is that  different DCA cuts are used in data and efficiency estimation. Need to check with Qian whether this is the case.
b. A bug is found in Qian's code, i.e. the TofMult bin boudary is used twice. Qian needs to fix this in his code.
c. Binning of the input spectrum seems to have a sizable effect on the final results. Need to check why this is the case. 
d. The error bars on the unfolded distribution at high TofMult are abnormally small. Need to double check.
e. The PA expressed the intention to push the current anlaysis to the preliminary stage. Several things need to happen though:
i) Use PYTHIA generator to construct the response matrix
ii) Make sure the proper efficiencies are used.
iii) Estimate the systematic uncertainties from detector efficiencies, unfolding procedure, etc