HF-PWG minutes 2017/06/29

1) Paper proposal: low pT j/psi production in AuAu 200 GeV - Wangmei Zha
a. A paper proposal on low pT J/psi production was presented by Wangmei, and a request has already been sent to Frank for PWGC preview
b. At the same, the PA was asked to check the t distribution for UU collisions to see if that will add any useful information to the paper
c. The interference curve and theoretical calculation to UU results is underway, and will be included in the final paper
d. An invariant mass plot showing the J/psi peak is suggested to be added.

2) Centrality study in Run15 pAu - Yanfang Liu
a. Luminosity and vertex calibration is done for the centrality determination for |Vz| < 30 cm
b. Randomization seed is set to "run index + day + event ID"
c. Suggest to fit the global variation of NPrimTrk vs. ZDCx to flatten it out further
d. Perform the calibration for VPDMB-novtx and BBCMB with |Vz| < 100 cm, which are important for Jpsi and Upsilon analyses. For the BBCMB trigger, use the default vertex.

3) Run14 AuAu D0 v1 - Subhash Singha 
a. Systematic studies on D0 v1 is presented using Run14 data.
b. Need to check with Sooraj the discrepancy seen for D0 v1 in -0.8 < y < -0.4, and for anti-D0 v1 in 0.4 < y < 0.8. The trigger ids used in the two analyses are different.
c. Check why the statistical errors in Sooraj's analysis are systematically smaller. Could be due to lack of efficiency correction.
d. Work on the Run16 analysis, and check the consistency between two data sets and between two analyses.

4) Trigger bias study for Run15 pp200 - Takahito Todoroki: postponed to next week