HF-PWG minutes 2017/08/24

1) Tuning Lc cuts with Run14 AuAu 200 GeV - Sooraj Radhakrishnan
a. In old analysis, rectangular cuts are used. Now, BDT and NN methods are explored to take into account the correlations between different topological cuts for Lc analysis. BDT seems to have a better performance than NN method, and the significance increased from 5.6 to ~8 by using BDT method.
b. There is an excess seen in lower mass region, which could be from partial reconstruction of Lc. Need MC to confirm.
c. After efficiency correction, the result from BDT is slightly lower than preliminary result. Need to investigate
d. CCNU group is working with LBNL group on Run16 data

2) Ds with Run14 AuAu 200 GeV - Md. Nasim  
a. Analysis is extended to 1.5-2.5 GeV/c bin with BDT method
b. Need to check systematic uncertainty
c. Plan to extend the analysis to 40-80% centrality bin, where vertex resolution correction is needed.