HF-PWG minutes 2017/09/07

1) J/psi v2 in Run12 UU 193 GeV - Alena Harlenderova 
a. A comprehensive study of the different centrality ranges is performed to determine the best boundaries. In the end, the suggestion is to keep them the same as for the published Jpsi v2 paper, namely 0-80%,  0-10%, 10-40% and 40-80%. 
b. Will check the central triggered events (0-5%) to see if there are more J/psi for this study.

2) Embedding with HFT and open charm in y2016 data sample - Maksym Zyzak 
a. A framework dealing with HFT misalignment based on ROOT VMC is presented.
b. Based on this framework, efficiencies of different decay channels for various charm hadrons are estimated, and a few decay channels seem to be worth pursuing in analysis.
c. A 30-40% reduction in D hadron efficiency is seen from ideal to fully misaligned geometry. Need to check whether the reduction mainly comes from the misalignment or the dead channels.
d. Suggest to check the single track efficiency