Geometry of FMS, Preshower and Postshower

 Preshower: 3 layer of Scintillators, one Lead placed in front of the third layer of Scintillator. Thickness are 1.0cm, 1.0cm, 0.635cm(1 radiation length), 1.0cm. Z position(center) are 675.64cm, 678.52cm, 690.29cm, 692.22cm from IP. 1st layer vertically placed, which 2nd and 3rd horizontally placed. Width: 4.0cm and 5.8cm.

FMS: Front face are flat at 706.3cm from IP. Large cell length 60.2cm, radiation length 3.21cm, that is 18.75 radiation length for large cell. Small cell length 45.0cm, radiation length 2.5cm, that is 18 radiation length for small cell. Size: 5.8cm*5.8cm for large cell, 3.81cm*3.81cm for small cell.

PostShower: 6 layers formed 3 planes(horizontal(layer 5), diagonal(layer 2&3) and vertical(layer 1&6)), z position(center) are 815.899cm, 838.259cm, 840.529cm, 848.419cm(south)&847.784cm(north), 857.944cm(south)&857.309cm(north), 867.469cm(south)&866.834cm(north). Width 5.0cm, thickness 1.0cm.

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