Photon recontruction in gSTAR
Example directory : 

The kumac file :  simJetRequest.kumac
ntrack=1(in one event)
ptlow=30.0 pthigh=120.0
ylow=2.5 yhigh=4.2
seed=0   //need to be chaned for each set of data.

////////////////////////////////////////// GENERATING  GEANT files /////////////////////////////////////
For running one by one : 
starsim -w 0 -b simJetRequest.kumac seed=1

The way I run in condor :
cd /star/u/mriganka/example
star-submit Sub.xml

20 sets each of 500 events. (one can change number of evnts in kumac file and number of sets in <job nProcesses="20"> in Sub.xml). Sub.xml is the file where you can set the paths for inputs and outputs foe the jobs. Output files (*.fzd) are stored in /star/u/mriganka/example/simdata

///////////////////////////////////// RCONTRUCTION till MicroDst files///////////////////////////////////
for one bu one :

The way I run for 20 sets in condor.
star-submit SubmitRec.xml

This generates in directores datarec/0/,1/,2/, ......, 20/ (The directores 0,1 ,2 ...20 are created by hand)
For example in the  directory 0/
test.0.event.root  test.0.hist.root   test.0.tags.root   test.MuDst.root    test.0.geant.root  test.0.runco.root  test.minimc.root

/////////////////////////////////  Reading MicroDst FIles //////////////////////////////////////////////
This is the palce where I calculate and plots. Here Jet-algorithm is not in the picture.
if(adc<1) adc =0;   /// Thresold given for ADC cuts

root4star -b -q 'RunFmsAnaJet.C(0,500)'
    ////////(filenumber, number of events)

a.pdf have all the information.

*** For running, in someone's directory one need to set the paths in
of "/star/u/mriganka/example" in