Simulation request for FMS for run-11

A test with 0.5M PYTHIA filtered events

Attenuation factor in lead glass exp(-0.03*(z_from back of lead glass) for large towers and exp(-.04*(z_from back of lead glass) for small towers is being used.
With single particle photon simulation it is found that sampling fraction (SF)=0.35 is to be used for normalization for hits before dizitization. The value is expected to compensate the energy normalization for neutral pion in  the energy region 40GeV where calibration of FMS is in best shape.    Later 10-15% ofenergy dependent  correction in photon energy required(in page-5 ttps://  
Pythia filter : Electromagnatic+75% hadronic energy in the quadrnt within eta 2.4-4.4 > 30 GeV. 
With genat modification hadronic energy resonse increased. So, we pudhed 50% hadronic energy in the old fiter to 75% to opreate the filter iwthout cutting significant hadronic response.

668 (542*(5/4) scaled to .5M) events compared with total evets passes the triggers

JP2    JP1                LgBS1  LgBS0                 SmBS1   SmBS0
509   4246                 
262     1203                  338         2405     
444   2584                 192     536                    330          2002   with Jet Energy > 40 GeV

It accounts that about 28% of the evets are in the trigger where electromagnatic energy (<30 GeV ) itself is not sufficient go generate a hadronic trigger.  
  We are safe with 75% energy in hadronic filter without cutting hadroic response.


Plan for Simulation Request : 

•  20M  Pythis filtered evnets (JP2 ~20,000 Events)  (60k CPU hrs)

This might be sufficient but for the highest jet-energy bin 80-100 GeV, we might need 

a follow-up request. In that case we can use higher Pythia threshold > 50 GeV for the highest jet-energy bin.