Run 9 200GeV Dijet QA: Reproduced Sample

Here I describe the Run QA I performed on the new production using the Anti-Kt R=0.6 NHits=5 jet branch ...

This QA follows the same procedure as the previous QA described here. As before, I start with a list containing all production2009_200Gev_Hi|Lo|Single runs longer than 3 min and containing the BEMC, EEMC, and TPX. I then do the run-by-run QA where I plot the average values for a number of quantities in each run and remove runs where a quantity is +/- five sigma away.

Figure 1: This figure shows several plots used in the run-by-run QA. The red points show the average value for the specified quantity for that specific run. The red line shows the average for all the points and the green lines show +/- 5 sigma.

Figure 2: This figure shows the same plots as figure 1 but for the old production. The effect of the recalibration can be seen especially in the X-vertex distribution in the upper right pannel.

This pdf contains all the plots used in the run-by-run QA.

The run-by-run QA removes 157 runs (24 of these runs fail because they were not reproduced in the new production meaning 133 runs actually fail the QA). There are 1112 runs remaining after the run-by-run QA.

An asymmetry analysis needs beam polarization and relative luminosity information so the next task is to remove runs for which this information is missing. Removing runs without this information leaves 860 runs. We also need valid spin bit information stored in the jet trees. There are 72 runs which contain no spin bit information. Removing these runs leaves 802 runs.


These 802 runs comprise my golden list. These runs come from 87 unique RHIC fills which are listed here.