Dijet Partonic Kinematics (Figure 3)

Look at the x ranges covered by dijet and inclusive jet measurements ...

Figure 1: Covered X ranges for EEWW and EW topologies along with Inclusive jet coverage. Mass bin = 19-23 GeV, inclusive range = 8.4-11.7 GeV. For EEWW, X1 represents parton traveling in same direction as jets, X2 is opposite. For EW, X1 and X2 always represent the same parton. All curves have been weighted by partonic A_LL. All dijet curves weighted by same factor while the inclusive curve was weighted by an extra factor of 20.

Figure 2: Pt spectrum of jets which make up dijets in 19-23 GeV mass bin

Figure 3: 
Covered X ranges for a number if inclusive jet Pt bins. Left panel shows each bin independently while right panel shows the running sum (each curve is the sum of all previous bins).

Figure 4: Effect of the partonic A_LL weighting on dijet X distributions.

This pdf contians EEWW and EW X distributions for all mass bins.