HF minutes 2018/05/01

Lukas Kramarik:
Add TMWA technical plots instead of v2 results.

Sooraj Radhakrishnan:
slide 8 – extract and propagate correct errors on the ratio.
slide 10 – compare please fastsim with embedding.
slide 11 – make ratio of run16/14 and fit with line to check the consistency
final plot – please check the procedure of adding the syst. errors

Yue Liang:
slide 2 – please check the errors on light green and yellow point and remove
them from the syst. error calculation for now.
Show and include the results from fitting method into the calculation of syst.
errors from signal extraction.
Try tighter cuts to study the systematic errors.

Jan Vanek:
Extract the syst. error from cut tuning bin-by-bin not from the fit
Extract TPC efficiency for kaons for 2sigma cut from dE/dx fit.
Extract the syst. errors for tracking.

Check the effects of HFT tracking. Look in the production with HFT tracking.

preliminary plots signed off. Waiting for update of plots with models.

Yuanjing Ji:
Please include the most recent errors from vertex resolution correction.

Mira Simko:
Please redo the poster showing study of efficiencies only.

Pengfei Wang:
Include the effect of different bin size to the syst. errors.
Try unbinned likelyhood fitting.

Guannan Xie:
Please recheck the values of the upper systematic errors, especially at high pt.