HF minutes 2018/11/29

1) MTD response efficiency in 2016 cosmics - Rongrong Ma
sl 13, 14 -the systematic error on matching is larger in run 16 although it has higher statistics of cosmics data.
There could be an issue with propagation of stat. errors. One can try to use matching eff. from run16 to run14.

2) Update on J/psi polarization - Zhen Liu
Please update analaysis note and post to HF.

3) Update on the single electron analysis - Matthew Kelsey
sl 3,4:
There could be pile-up effect. It was suggested to try to look at primary tracks.
Is there the additional 5% TPC fluctuations? 
sl 5:
Is the difference indeed because of secondary tracks?  One would expect this to be more important at low pt.
It is advisable to compare data and embedding from same runs because of calibrations.
For better comparison Hijing+ZeroBias embedding would be needed.
Can the random matching causing drop in single electron efficiency alter the final composition of electron sources?
This needs to be checked.
It could also be because of the number of embedded electrons (10% of  multipliicty)

4) D+- analysis in Au+Au 200 GeV - Robert Licenik
Please compare to Xinyue's TMWA with Rectangular Cuts.