HF minutes 2019/10/10

1) D0 v2 with event-shape-engineering - Yue Liang
There is a significant difference when using like-sign pair or mixed events.
Currently the RCF file-opening failures do not allow to run event mixing for run14
It was suggested to try getting also q2 from FMS and tocalculate the pion and kaon v2 using the FMS EP.
Needs to investigate why q-integrated v2 id different for kaons and pions

2) Update on c/b NPE anlaysis - Matthew Kelsey
slide 4, - it was suggested to use only the maximal value from the iterations as syst. error
So far statistics fluctuation are not considered when varying cuts for syst. errors.
For combining run14 and 16 a study of correlations of syst. errors is needed.

3) Bottom in Run14 Central-5 Au-Au -  Yingjie Zhou
The results are expected to be added into the analysis note.

4) Improvement on J/psi signal extraction - Rongrong Ma
The improved fitting method gives consistent results and more realistic estimate of syst. error.

5) Update on D0 in d+Au - Lukas Kramarik
It was suggested to try to extract some of the syst. errors directly from the data