HF minutes 2019/6/20

1) D0 v2 + event-shape-engineering - Yue Liang
Slide 14: It is not clear what causes the spike after recentering on the outer part.
At this point, the FMS is not in the picos due to a bug. So far miniTrees are used which reside on HPSS. They need to be restored to
local discs.

2) Bottom electron RAA and v2 systematic uncertainties - Matthew Kelsey
Systematical errors were carefully revisited which leads to considerable improvements.
Slide 3 - the points were shifted all at once to get maximal change in the shape. This is still quite a conservative approach.
slide 5 - the photonic cocktail without gamma flow will be used and the difference with the case with flow will be taken as syst. error.
               So far symmetric, if too significant then it can be only one-sided.
slide 6,7 - The syst. error is from the difference between data and calculation. It was suggested trying vary the sizes of the b,c rich regions.