Run-12 W+/W- Cross Section Ratios Preliminary Request for DIS 2015

posik-PrelimRequest-03272015.pdf: Presents the Money plot and preliminary results.

posik-PrelimRequestAna-03272015.pdf: Presents the details of the analysis leading to the preliminary results.

posik-PrelimUpdate-04092015.pdf: Presents an update to the preliminary Run-12 data by including Run-11 with it.

posik-PrelimUpdate-04192015.pdf: Applies correct systematic error when combining Run11+12.

Sal-MattComp-RW11-12.pdf: Compares Sal's and my Run11+12 Analysis results

Sal-MattComp-RW11-12-Stat.pdf: Compares Sal's and my Run11+12 Stat errors